The first cut is the deepest.

I really don't think this barber wants us to come back.

Last Thursday started out as any normal Thursday for me and my pack of two. We decided to give Jakob’s hair a trim and that proved to be an adventure that was stressfully fun and something to laugh at. We then headed to a park, a coffee shop, and eventually waddled home to get ready for our afternoon plans. Once we were home though, the Albino Hulk decided to wrestle a new friend.

Bedside table corner, meet Albino Hulk’s forehead.

Albino Hulk’s forehead, meet bedside table corner.

As you can imagine, these introductions weren’t amicable and in short, the table corner kicked my Albino Hulk’s ass. On my calendar for three weeks, I had ‘Isabella’s Princess party-4pm’ written on last Thursday’s date. All afternoon that day Little Miss Stubborn ran around the house in her princess hat, getting ready to go. We had her princess shoes and dress picked out too.The Albino Hulk was excited to go as well because party’s always mean good food, and because Isabella, the little hostess, appears to be his true love. As an offside note, he told me so, one day on a walk:

‘I Ewwwww Lella’.

Samantha speaks Jakobish and translates his comments for us all the time (and incredibly, she’s always right and has saved my sanity so very often by translating what the Albino Hulk wants when he’s having a tantrum), and this particular comment means ‘I love Isabella’. It was a totally random comment which means he thinks about her. He hates parting from her, and if we pass by her street where she lives, he leans in her house’s direction in the stroller and yells ‘I wanna go Lella’.

Back to the story….. I need to focus.

Practicing to be a princess.

Thursday’s party would have been great for the kids to run around, allowing me to catch up with some moms, but in the end, I spent my afternoon with David, trying to console a screaming, wriggling, crying, and bleeding Albino Hulk on a blue table at the children’s hospital (Ospedale Buzzi) here in Milano.

While I quickly skyped with my friend Rob from Australia, the Albino Hulk ran into my room and was playing on my bed. His new thing is to slide under the covers and just lie still. Last week, I could not find him anywhere in the house and only felt relief when I heard the comforter on my bed fart, (and laugh). While skyping I heard a big bang and then crying. I ran in to see what had happened, expecting the Hulk to have a bruise or a bump but what I saw, I was not prepared for. There was blood streaming down his face. The white collar of his shirt was now a saturated red and blood was pooling on my bedroom floor. He was desperately in pain and I let out a scream. When I picked him up, I saw a throbbing incision above his left eye-brow that would stream and spit blood and one unfortunate technicality about me is that blood makes me queasy. Again, Little Miss Stubborn kept me grounded by saying ‘Mommy, what did my crazy brother do now??!’, all while letting out an evil giggle. She truly makes me laugh.

I let Rob go on skype, called Dave to rush home and called my sitter Natalie to come stay with Samantha. She was unavailable and so I mentally went through all my friends in my head and called Summer, a friend from Texas. Without hesitation, she agreed to heave her sleeping son into his stroller,then she took a metro and RAN twenty minutes or so, to get to my house. When she arrived, she decided to forfeit taking the elevator, and ran up to my floor with her son in his stroller, in her arms. Summer always has a big blue Longchamp bag and now I understand its because it is where she hides her super-power cape.

With Little Miss Stubborn comfortable at home, we rushed to the hospital where we were coded as ‘yellow’ and admitted immediately, (in this entry, you can read about how patients are organized during our other visit to the children’s hospital with Little Miss Stubborn’s spider bite). At this point, the Albino Hulk was doing pretty good, all thing considered. He even wanted to engage Little Miss Stubborn in a wrestling match while we waited for Dave and Summer to arrive. Anyways, at the hospital, the doctor doing the stitching may as well have been knitting on Jakob’s forhead on a porch somewhere-he was so calm and somewhat funny. The Albino Hulk needed four layers of stitches and the deepest and first one was the worst because you could see his skull (as Dave relayed to me later, I couldn’t look). I was sitting beside the Hulk, holding his chest while he was swaddled in a sheet, with an additional two nurses holding him down. He’s a strong little champion indeed. I don’t like singing in front of people whatsoever, but to calm his cries down, I started singing a song he likes. Amazingly, he calmed down right away and with his shrieks missing from the air, my voice was on center-stage for everyone to listen. Of course, about this I didn’t care-if it calmed him down and brought him comfort, I would do it. Managing to calm him down resulted in the doctor saying ‘Brava mamma!’, but then they spoke italian amongst themselves, so perhaps they were discussing the perplexing sound coming from my vocal chords. Then again, maybe not.

We arrived home and the Albino Hulk didn’t slow down-running, screaming, wrestling, and trying to stand on his head or sit on Samantha’s head resumed. We gave him one dose of tylenol to kill the pain, but in the end decided he would not need more. Dave and I were exhausted and in awe of the Hulk’s energy.

One day before his injury, he decides its cool to snooze in shades.

Chicks dig scars, and guys who bake cookies in shades. Samantha decides she's too cool for pants.

Anyways, that was a week ago and today I had to go back to the hospital to get his scar assessed. I had a few people offer to help me out with today in case the doctor’s didn’t speak english,and I swear, the people I’ve met here in Milan are more generous than Bono, (ie, the day after Jakob cut himself, my friend Anna popped by to drop off a present for him, as well as countless inquires over the week to his and our wellbeing). Though I surprised myself the day he got stitches and somehow managed to communicate in italian, my italian instructor told me to call her if there were issues with translation and she would translate over the phone. (I should also state, the staff at the hospital were excellent and some even spoke english, so that was fabulous!). Anyways, then I learned she was in a conference during my appointment and not wanting to distrupt her, when another friend Viviana offered to come with me last minute, I agreed. Viviana’s translations today came in handy a few times and after a three-hour wait on uncomfortable chairs to be seen, (did I mention Viviana sat with me the whole time and skipped lunch, all while being very pregnant and due in three weeks?!!),Jakob got the all-clear with his healing scar which means my little Harry Potter is dangerous once again.

This is a good time for momma to take a vacation-it is late and I can barely keep my eyes open. Today’s entry is from Cat Stevens.




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3 Responses to The first cut is the deepest.

  1. MIL says:

    As always a brilliantly written blog, and no I am not biased.

  2. martijn says:

    reading this…. makes me fear what I have to look forward to the coming years :) LOL

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