I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

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Sooooo………our family can never vacation with Norwegian Cruise Lines again. In our defense, at least we waited until the last possible night to make fools of ourselves because if this had happened on the first day of the cruise, the rest of the thirteen days would have been mighty blush-inducing whenever we walked by the reception desk.

I have often and jokingly referred to Dave as Matlock simply because he likes to go to bed early, whereas I seem to be morphing into a night-owl as the years hoot by. Many times in Milan after he goes to bed, I will stay up to read, blog, or go out for a couple of hours with friends. I have even been known to do some cleaning or fold laundry late at night instead of sleep. I don’t know why I do such things but regardless, old habits never die and it turns out I packed them in my backpack on this cruise.  After the kids went to sleep and because someone had to stay with them, a few times Dave volunteered to hang out in the room with the slumbering kids and watch a movie or read a book. Some nights I would stay behind and read and watch with him, some nights I would wander the outer decks of the ship with my ipod to get some fresh, crisp north Atlantic air, some nights he’d go for a stroll, and other nights like tonight, I would head to the hot spot on the ship to watch a live band perform, watch people dance, chit-chat to fellow cruisers or dance the Macarena. On our last night, I told Dave I’d be no more than an hour and got ready to fold my arms on my own hips and jump in ninety degree angles all while dancing to a latin beat.

Fast-forward almost three hours later where I finally decide to bid good night to the people I was chatting with. I slide my key card into the door and prepare to utilize my adolescent skills of trying to sneak into my ‘home’ without brining attention to the kids or a snoring Matlock. To my surprise, all three beds are empty and then I realize because I am much later than I anticipated, Dave is on a search party and I am being hunted.

I decided to leave and start looking for him. He should be easy to find seeing that there is no one else around (as it’s past 1am) and he has the kids with him. I ran to the stair well at the aft of the ship (that is the back of the ship, for those of you who are not sharp with naval lingo), and I called his name down the plethora of stair-cases below me. No reply.

I went back into our hallway and as I walked past our room, I heard the phone ringing and I managed to answer it in time. Dave’s relief floods over the receiver as he finally hears from me and he tells me he is calling off the search party for me and heading back to the room. Secretly, I hope his is massively kidding but something tells me he is not. I wait in the hallway for him to help him out with the kids. He’s got them both in one stroller each-one stroller he is pushing, and the other one he is pulling behind him. The kids are fast asleep, covered in towels and the expression on his face is worse than the one he exhibits whenever he receives our credit card statement. This should be good.

In our room, the story begins to unfold and he tells me of how he got worried because around 12:30, his over-developed imagination lead him down corridors of dark thoughts and he pondered if I had perhaps slipped on a deck somewhere outdoors, fallen off the boat (this fear was ignited by watching the news this evening where a woman did actually fall of her cruise in the Mediterranean and she unfortunately died), or gotten into some kind of trouble. Dave went to the reception desk asking them for assistance, which resulted in three security men printing off my photo and walking the ship looking for me. Each time they came back, they told Dave they couldn’t find me (and hence the name of this title entry, from U2). This fueled his fire of worry and hence he got a little more frantic and used strong persuasive words to instruct them to keep looking for me. Dave was asked if we perhaps had had a fight, or ‘something’.

A little while later, another fella walked by reception and noticed Dave’s worried expression and the kids in the stroller. He asked Dave if all was good and if he needed some help. Dave replied that he was looking for me and that security was not having luck finding me. He told Dave he had just seen me in the dance club and he had just seen me leaving. Seconds later, Dave called the room and hence that was the ring I heard in the hallway, prompting me to answer, simultaneously calling off the search party.

Apparently the security guards AND Dave both walked through the bar I was in, but somehow I was missed even though I was sitting in the middle of the room. Dave called my cell phone three times, but it was turned off and hence the calls went unnoticed. While Dave was stressed and running his fingers through his wickedly short hair, the whole evening I was in the bar watching the crowd dance and chatting with the assistant cruise director and a really nice family from Missouri who were traveling with their nineteen year-old daughter. I simply lost track of time but thought nothing of it. We returned the slumbering kids back to their beds and when Dave told me the events of the late night, I apologized for not keeping him updated, but I also couldn’t hold back my snickering, resulting in both of us guffawing at the show we just staged. I went down to reception to apologize for the commotion to which I was told it was understood and that this sort of ‘stuff’ happens all the time. (In hindsight, I should have gone to reception to ask them if they’ve seen my husband). As I am still giggling about this, I am ending this entry as we are supposed to get to port in four hours where we will disembark-our fun holiday has come to an end and we sweetened the finale just a little bit.

All in all, the cruise was fabulous and as always it was fun for the four of us to spend time together. The biggest success of all is that both Dave and I got off the ship with our clothing fitting just as well as when we came on, if not better. We indulged very little and used the gym on board almost every day. Success! Tomorrow, we fly back to the organized chaos that is Italy. Scandinavia made a massive positive impression on us indeed, but Italy has been missed. More photos when we get home-the internet at the hotel is dreadfully sluggish.

It’s a big boat…..where could your mommy be?!

This was most definitely not Dave’s expression the night he was searching for me. How quickly things change….

Have hubby and kids. Ready to travel.


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    Love the story and at least he got up to look for you!

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    Apparently you and Dave are Tyler and I in reverse (He is the nightowl, I am the worry wart). On our first week in Italy he disappeared to IKEA for 6 hours leaving me with the kids, no car, and no phone. At one point I was hanging out the window with the computer trying to get onto the unprotected wireless network of a sushi restaurant down the street. I will never forget its name, even though we have never eaten there (Soy).

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    I’m still standing. | Babies and Bruschetta

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